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Wednesday, 21 March 2012



I really have this passion, which i always wanna do something with it but i cant.

why ?

because i will just do it when the time comes.
*opkos la on my big day, ekekke

------------------------------------- PASSION PART II ---------------------------------------

koleksi make up kami

koleksi make up kami


 jajangggg !

Yeah, all of these are my beloved stuff. *opss, also kawan aku punye.
kitorang punye stuff laa, kann.

ape yang specialnye? takde pape, cume nak cakap aku punye passion.

bila masa aku guna?

always, but not fer me. make up kan kawan2 la. Diorang banyak event kot. So aku la yang excited make up kan.


bukan la aku tak pernah melaram. tapi jarang sekali. time ada event je. tu pun dulu je.

HEHE, this is my great ability *amboii, angkat ekor sendiri nampak !
Tapi betul pe, kawan2 selalu je cari aku when nak make up. ekekeke.
Seriously, when hasil tangan aku bekerja kat muka diorang tu hebat, bangga pun ada :D tak gitu?
First time make up sorang member nih, yang tak pernah make up, im totally shock, she's so beautiful.
Tapi aku, aku nak jugak orang make up kan aku. Tapi nye, bila? haihhh.

My friend once said, when we do make up, we will have the confidence. For the gurl lah...

Bukan tu je,
Make up ni describe one's personality.
Bukan la make up tebal2 tu elok, it's up to everyone how they want to be described.

For me,
Make up tu tak penting, but when i attend such event i feel it is a must for a girl to have a light blush and glowing face so that we enjoy that event.
Make up - tak semestinya tebal2, just have a light foundation, soft pinky brown blush, eyeliner, natural eyeshadow and light dazel lip gloss.
That is enough for me.


Girls, make up tu tak salah.
Just jangan melampau.
If we put too much for it, it is a sin when we melt guys heart.
So just be ware, just put your own light make up.
Unless for your wedding, for your husband.
Then time tu melaram la pepuas ye :)
Also, it is a must for a girl to care for her appearance.
Simple is great, but it must be with the neat. 

----------------------------------- TO BE CONTINUED --------------------------------------