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Monday, 17 June 2013


Lately ive been crazy with the fashion of Zawara.
This is because of my pre graduation dinner last month. Ive been looking for this kind of dresses and fashion, and Zawara HAS it! 

Well, the fashion is just fit for me, as it is for muslimah. And their design too....ouh make me wanna spent moreeeee!

As i lived in Shah Alam before, i just went to their outlet at Section 7 Shah Alam, but, no worries if now i am at Terengganu.....because Zawara do offer ONLINE SHOPPING with them! ouhh im going crazy. *need to work i guess* haha 

And of course, Zawara not only seelling dresses. There are also Tops, Bottoms, Hijab, Accessories and such. ANDDD DAEBAKKK! FREE SHIPPING! 

And i suggest you guys to try ushar2 Zawara punya website and happy online shopping there! Here is the address 

Jangan risau folks, their price are reasonable!