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Saturday, 26 May 2012

SWEET 19 :)


Yeah 22nd May was my day, i became sweet 19 years old girl :)
girlish 19th young girl, waa gedik pulak gua nihhh .

Anyway, tak sangka i'd a great time on that day celebrating my day with girlfriends boifrens, and especially ma family. And it was awesome !

It wasn't a big party but it was havoc and i felt great! And i spent almost 4 hours finishing this !

kinda terrible

Ouh that was ma first time doing the topping using whipping cream :D and the whipping cream i made it myself ( lenguh dowh duk putar2 cream tuhh )

And i actually got two cake for my party, here it is :)

yeah, kinda awesome :D

And also got this awesome girlfriend and boyfriends ,

this, kinda sengals :p

I told you, that was really an awesome day fer me!
Tak nyesal jadi tua, tua by the cool way i guess. haha
And this year, my 19th year in this world i wanna be a better girl, better       muslimah :)
Day by day, we are getting old, and we should getting better towards everything and of course for one intention, all we did and will do, is for Allah SWT, because of Him, we will getting a better life !

------------------------------------ LIVE A GREAT LIFE GUYS ! ---------------------------------