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Thursday, 14 July 2011


<3 dont know if i could ever be <3
without you cuz boy you complete me
and in time i know that we'll both see 
that we're all we need..

hasil tangan sendiri okay

eh macam jiwang pulak aku ni ==' aissehh ! ermm tapi ade betul nye jugak , but xnk admit lahh , xnk xnk buat malu . dont think about *** sbb belum tentu lagi die pkir aku betul tak ? klau pkir bguihh la , ermm ak dah ckup ckup happy dgn life aku yg sgt2 lahh indah skrg ni n i dont need him to spoil everything ! i dont care bout *** as die yg nak mcm tu , whatever pun aku heppy dowh , see...

yeah , im still can smile now n i will forever n ever , i wish to have such beautiful life , n all, lets smile , cure our heart :) no one is going to make you smile unless you have a robot to do it so , even though, your smile is like a fake because a sweet smile comes from the bottom of our heart , so smile in whatever condition we are , THANKFUL to ALLAH :)  

sorry ya blog dah berhabuk, xsempat nk sapu ,
i busy sgt mggu ni :)
with love,

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  1. salam kenal. ice cream dtg follow ur blog. hope follow lori ice cream ni erk. tq nice lagu dlm blog ni.