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Friday, 20 January 2012


Dont you have your own passion ?

I have , a lot .

But , im gonna story story about my first passion .

------------------------------------- DO YOU KNOW ? ------------------------------------------

Even im not art people , but i do love art .

What art ? anything about art .

And this is my art , my worse art i give in it with all my sentimental value :)

This handmade present , im struggling with , just for the BIRTHDAY GIRL :)
Yesterday was her big day , but i make her angry , just because a prank ,
But i made up all thing , i gave her this .


JAHIT MANIK , yes that is my passion .

           Baju kat atas tu bukan first thing aku berjaya buat but , all of my baju kurungss , aku jahit sendiri manik maniknya . WHY ? why aku tak tempah je suruh tailor jahitkan ? SEBABNYA , i want my own design on my own bajuss . Tau ? Even my baju kurung what so ever , aku design dulu baru aku bagitau tailor macam mana baju yang aku nak . It's not that aku ni cerewet , tapi desire seorang wanita , mahukan something differently to other people . Tak gitu girls ? When i told my friends , yang aku jahit sendiri all those ridicolous manik , diorang tak caye . Then when diorang tengok sendiri aku jahit , baru laa die tahu sape CIK YATTIEY nih :)

Anyway , everyone has their own hobby and passion right , and this is mine , although im not so good , but this is my passion .

Guys out there , BUAT JE APE YANG KORANG SUKE :)

.................................. TO BE CONTINUED ......................................


  1. cntik nyer...
    i pown suke jahit manik tp x secreative awak..heeee..=)

  2. hee, thanks. that worse thing, takde laa cantik sangat pun.